web-designersI am a Danish born Entrepreneur, Art Director & Knight. I can deliver InSourcing, OutSourcing, Design, Consulting and provide Venture Capital. Innovation is my trademark and I am a recognised consultant with insight into psychology and communication. With ground breaking knowledge and disruptive new concepts, I can add new measurable value, results, innovation and benefits to you, your products or company. See also PhotosReferences or Recommendations.

We received many Gazelle Prize for the most expanding and best earning companies including the credit rating AAA. I am educated at the Danish Music Academy and the Royal Chapel Maestro Gunner Sigersstroem. I started as Art Director and implementing offshore formations, globalisation, marketing, design, newspapers, corporate ID and logo design. I have founded 3 IT companies and studied psychology at United States International University, PUC and at the Psychotherapy School. I have been opening speaker also with ministers, keynote speaker, instructor, seminar leader, guest teacher and speaker. I do have a great interest for Business Building, Disruptiveness, Life Science, web platforms, security, psychology, behaviour, feelings and thoughts. I received some rewards for design, best campaigns, best advertisements e.t.c. many years in a row also.

I have been participating on TV stations, newspapers, magazines, radio, 2 TV film and videos. I have some of the largest companies in the world as references to whom I have been providing services in 25 years in the industries of Life Science, Mobile, Governmental, Military, Energy and IT.

In our companies we are 50 employees with Agile Development, APP Development and Web Design and as a Recruiting Company you have access to 300.000 power people, in 75 countries with 25.000 employees as we are a part of TALENT FINDER®

I like to spend time in the nature riding, bicycle, video- and music production. I do have a major interest in psychology, philosophy, sociology, quantum particle physics, the universe and nature. Privately I support/have supported Artnet, Art Money and Center of Arts and Technology, Amnesty International, SOS Children’s Village, Save the Children, Actionaid Denmark, Unesco, DDFO, iCare, Boernefonden, WWF, Doctors without borders and Tibet Charity. I represented the United Nations Convention for Child Rights as a Goodwill Ambassador as founder of ICARE working against child porn, incest, abuse, violence and passive abuse of children which happens every second, 86400 seconds per day. In all countries. Please support! If we all gave 1€ per month, everyone could have a education, food and a place to live. It is less than 1 unhealthy acid soda water per. day.

List of my companies in Human Resource & Life Science industry:

  • Innovation Support A/S – TalentFinder®+Verio®, Recruiting, Consultants, Headhunting, Insourcing+Outsourcing.  Est 2014
  • – from ABCDesign APPS Development, Web Design, Marketing & QR, E-Trade systems, CMS. Est. 1983
  • – Offshore Formations, Patents, Trademarks, Attorneys, vCapital, Finance & Factoring. Est. 2003
  • – Refinery Direct for Crude Oil, Jet fuel, Bio Fuel, Ethanol, Mazut, LNG, LPG, Diesel, D2, D6 & Heating Oil
  • Exit Companies: DTPartner A/S, Økolille ApS, Verinet®, Verio®, Skandinavisk Computercenter ApS, Datakilden Informatik ApS

WEB DESIGN SERVICEMichael and his companies has delivered services for many of the largest companies in Denmark, Europe, Asia and USA.

The branches is Life Science, mobile industry, shipping companies, airline companies, banks, breweries, municipalities, government, military, IT- and Telecom.

For a selected reference list go to our partner sites or call us.

You can also see some References and Recommendations or Photos of Michael.

server_hosting_400World Wide Presence and the documented world’s best IT Solutions

We can offer some of the best services in the field of Mission Critical Systems, Cloud Computing and HPC High Performance Computing. We represent NTT.COM no. 28 in the world of all companies, bigger than Apple and Google together. With 226.000 employees you are in better hands and as No.1 Microsoft and Cisco Partner, you might wonder why you not saw that in the start. The offerings is available in 200 countries in 126 major cities through NTT™ & Verinet®. Verinet® was bought by Michael Rasmussen in 2014.

Michael is also offering Video Streaming, Virtuel Server, Virtual Desktop, eLearning Systems, eConference, eCommerce systems, Marketing Systems, Project Management, CRM, ERP, Open Source CMS platforms and much more. See also Nordic Attorneys

proud-woman-in-officeWHERE does customers come from? WHO are they? HOW is the behaviour? WHAT did a customer cost you? Competitiveness is the ability to maintain a strong brand and innovative marketing strategy. Michael is offering a wide range of services to maintain and add functionality to your website, products and applications. See

I can ADD services, web-design or redesign of many APP, CMS system or products. Or i can design a product, logo, menu, tab system, video system, login functionality, Social Media integration and Search Organic Marketing to be NO. 1 reference in the search engines. Many just talk about the possibilities for that, while I can give many references of active top placements.

Whenever an employee, a leader, a consultant or interim people is needed, suddenly you can get experience from our 25.000 employees from 300 offices and the 300.000 candidates in 75 countries.

Take a look on Talent Finder®, VERIO® and Innovation Support A/S – a Danish engineering advisory company with 44 danish partners who services around 200 international customers and 3 danish companies.

Now you can benefit… and Michael Rasmussen Valiantin is a major shareholder for Germany, Balticum and the Nordic countries.

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